Butchering Prices

Butchering/Kill fee - $40.00 plus hide

Chill, Cut, Wrap and Freeze - .50 cents/lb.
Pepperstick - $3.50/lb.
Cheesestick - $4.50/lb.
Jerky - $6.00/lb.


Butchering/Kill fee - $25.00

Chill, Cut, Wrap and Freeze - .35 cents/lb.
Any seasonal sausage (loose) - .65 cents/lb.
Any seasonal sausage (linked) - $1.50/lb.
Any seasonal sausage (smoked) - $2.50/lb.
All curing (hams, bacons, hocks, etc.) - $1.00/lb.



Sage Breakfast
Maple Breakfast
Salt and Pepper
Salt, Pepper, Sage
Sweet Italian
Hot Italian


Butcher, chill, cut, wrap and freeze - $65.00


Please allow one to two weeks’ notice for scheduling.  We get very busy in October and November.  If you wish to have your animals butchered at this time, you may want to schedule several weeks in advance.  We do not butcher during deer season.  We will stop scheduling two weeks before Thanksgiving and resume scheduling the first week of January.  Thank you for your cooperation. 



We now offer half or whole beef, half or whole hogs and lamb butchered to your liking. The cost would be the market price of the animal plus the butchering fee. You can also order animals ready for a spit or roasting at market price.





We are now participating in the Hunters Sharing the Harvest program

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