Welcome to the Hungarian Smokehouse

We invite you to experience our new and exciting shopping experience. Satisfy your appetite with our extensive Take Out menu. While you are here, step back in time and enjoy the advantage of having us cut your steaks and chops to your liking, or have us mix you up some fresh sausage. Our country store offers an extensive selection of Amish foods, including but notlimited to jams, jellies, cheeses, honey, pickled eggs, beets, pickles, dip mixes, seasonings, soup mixes, candy, and so much morel We offer many specialty products that are made right here in our facility such as bacon, kielbasa, sweet and hot sausage, to name a few. Our jerky and beef stick are a sought after treat! The Smokehouse caters all your events! We offer a selection of affordable and delicious choices to make any event memorable! Keeping with tradition, we offer custom butchering and deer processing. Stop in and enjoy all we have to offer!

We accept cash, credit cards, and EBT. Pricing subject to change.

Store Hours

April 1st – December 23rd
Monday-Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Winter Hours

December 26th – March 31st
Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Sunday: Closed 


CALL TODAY 724-966-7704

Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday 9am – 4pm
Sunday Closed



The Smokehouse offers several different catering options, from BBQ packages, Smoked Wing bars, Taco bars, and several more options.  We also customize menus.  

Please call 724-966-7704 for menus and catering quotes.


Country Market Features

  • girlsAmish Jarred Selection – Many Varieties Available
  • Soup Mixes
  • Seasonings
  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Noodles
  • Custom Gift Baskets

Smokehouse Products

  • _DSC1022Jerky
  • Beef Stick
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Kielbasa
  • Hams
  • Traditional Specialities

The Smokehouse is offering steaks and pork chops that are cut fresh to your liking, fresh sausage made fresh in our store along with freshly ground beef, pork and much more!


Slaughter – $80.00 | Over 800lb. carcass – $100.00
Slaughter of over 30 month beef: $25 extra
Processing – $0.70/lb | Chill, Cut, Wrap and Freeze
Pepperstick – $4.00/lb.
Cheesestick – $4.50/lb.
Jerky – $7.50/lb.
We DO NOT split beef into quarters

Slaughter – $40.00
Processing – Chill, Cut, Wrap and Freeze – .45 cents/lb.
Any seasoned sausage (loose) – .65 cents/lb.
Any seasoned sausage (linked) – $1.50/lb.
Any seasoned sausage (smoked) – $2.50/lb.
All curing (hams, bacons, hocks, etc.) – $1.25/lb.

Sage Breakfast
Maple Breakfast
Salt and Pepper
Salt, Pepper, Sage
Sweet Italian
Hot Italian

Slaughter, Chill, Cut, Wrap and Freeze – $80.00

Loose Sausage – .65 cents/lb.
Linked Sausage – $1.50/lb.

_DSC0786Please allow one to two weeks’ notice for scheduling.  We stop scheduling two weeks before Thanksgiving and resume the first week in January.   Thank you for your cooperation.


_DSC0661Deer Processing Fee- $80.00

We are now open from 9am-8pm Monday – Saturday. With our new extended hours, we will only accept deer after 8pm if someone happens to be here after closing. Because we have no way of knowing which days we will be here after 8pm, we do not guarantee that we will be here if you stop after 8pm.

Thank you for your continued business!

Jerky – $7.50/lb.
Hillbilly – Cajun – Peppered – Pepper Jack – Mountain Man
Teriyaki –  BBQ – Original- Appalachian – Sweet-n-Sassy- Billy’s Hell (extremely hot!!)
(5/lb min on all jerky)

Pepper Stick – $4.00/lb.
Pepperstick w/ American Cheese $4.50/lb
Pepperstick w/ Pepper Cheese $4.50/lb
(10/lb min on all pepperstick)

Bologna $4.00/lb
Bologna w/ Cheese $4.50/lb
(10/lb min on all Bologna)

Salami $4.00/lb
Salami w/ Cheese $4.50/lb
(10/lb min on all Salami)

Pepperoni $4.00/lb
Pepperoni w/ cheese $4.50/lb
(10/lb min on all Pepperoni)

Kielbasa $4.00/lb (10/lb min)
Hot Dogs $4.00/lb (10/lb min)
Cheese Dogs $4.50lb (10/lb min)

Hot – Sweet – Sage – Maple
Loose Sausage $2.00/lb (5/lb min)
Linked Sausage $3.00/lb (10/lb min)
Smoked Sausage $4.00/lb (10/lb min)

Smoked Hams $15.00/ Smoked Loins $12.00
Smoked – Garlic – Capicola – Peppered

We also process Elk, Caribou, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear, Etc.
Pricing is based on individual order.

Hungarian Smokehouse deer processing rules and disclaimers:

Please be advised, these rules are posted at our shop, on our facebook page, as well as our website! It is your responsibility to read this! You are agreeing to these terms and conditions by very ACT of turning deer over to us. No exceptions!   

ATTENTION: Out of state deer: in compliance with state regulations we are forced to impose the following restriction for deer taken out of Pa state borders: example Wv deer!

You must bring in your deer quartered, loins cut out! NO backbone (spine), head or neck may accompany your deer to our facility! We are sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation until this regulation is lifted!  

  1. You will be called when your deer is ready to be picked up! You have 48 hours to pick up your product from the time you are called! All calls are documented. We get very overloaded for space this time of year and have no room to hold it longer than 48 hours!  
  2. Having your whole deer made into specialties can become very costly! Keep in mind, we add pork to the specialty meats such as pepperstick, bologna etc… This will increase your weight, adding to the total cost! If you are telling us you want your entire deer done in stick or bologna etc…., this can be a large expensive bill! We do what you ask, we just want you to be aware of the potential cost. We process deer year around, so one solution can be: you can have some specialties done now and freeze the rest of your meat and bring it back later.  You do NOT pay a processing fee when you bring in frozen meat. You just pay by the pound!
  3. There is a $10 charge for deer that are not gutted properly! If it is in poor condition, we reserve the right to refuse your deer. There are some circumstances in which it in not safe for us to process a deer nor for you to eat it!
  4. We are NOT responsible for your antlers!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you’re attached to them, take them with you! We will be glad to cut them off for you!  We do not cut them out of the skull!!!!!! If your deer is being caped, we will take care of them for you! You must tell us at the time of drop off,  if you want your deer caped (to be mounted)!!!! There is a $20 caping fee! NOTE: you MUST pick up your cape the very next day after dropping it off! It will be discarded after that!!!! 
  5. Please check your deer in front before leaving it out back! We certainly would love to accept everyone’s deer but unfortunately, there are times we do not accept deer because of space!

Hunters Sharing the Harvest

The Smokehouse participates in Hunters Sharing the Harvest for anyone interested in donating a deer. ALL MEAT goes to the Corner Cupboard Foodbank in Waynesburg, PA and there is NO charge to the hunter. You will HAVE TO use ONE of your deer tags to donate.

For additional information please go to www.sharedeer.com or contact us at 724-966-7704. Thank you and happy hunting.


Request for Donations

Requests for donations must be received no later than 30 days prior to the event.

Please remember that we are an independant privately owned company and we receive numerous donation requests. As much as we would like to honor each request, it would be impossible to do so. We have predetermined amount of funds that we can dedicate towards donation requests.

We only accept one request per organization per calendar year.


The Smokehouse now offer Hershey’s hand dipped ice cream! We have cake cones, waffle cones, sundaes, and old fashion floats! Check out our FB page for weekly flavors!



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